About our CBD:Δ9:Δ8 Daytime Products

Our CBD:Δ9:Δ8 Daytime Sativa was formulated for people who put in hard work and effort daily. Designed for busy work schedules, nonstop networking, and an upbeat attitude, this unique formulation utilizes multiple cannabinoids within the plant to give our customers the edge they’re looking for.

Most people are familiar with the effects of CBD, like anti-anxiety, anti-depression, and pain relief. The delta 9-THC within this formulation is a sativa, providing upbeat mood and psychoactive cerebral effects. The delta 8-THC, also known as “coder’s oil”, has long been reported to bring acute focus to the task at hand, and has been praised by computer programmers.

The combination of the different cannabinoids within this line give patients an instant euphoric boost, while not overbearing the user with psychoactive effects. The result is a delicious and pleasant vapor that will quickly help you regain or amplify your focus on the task in front.

The CBD:Δ9:Δ8 line from DeltaCann is a great way to keep a clear head all day long while boosting creativity, socialization, and a positive mood.

Make sure to check out our Anytime and Nighttime cartridges from the same formulation for different effects. We recommend trying them all and finding out which one works best for you!

Our products are always sourced locally and are pesticide-free. Our unique solvent-free distillation process lets us capture cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant itself, resulting in a smooth, flavorful, and potent vapor.

CBD:Δ9:Δ8 Daytime



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