Why Choose Delivery?

Legal adult use cannabis sales have brought more consumers into retail spaces now that a medical card is no longer required for purchases. While the experience of going to a cannabis retailer can be exciting, many consumers are choosing to have their cannabis delivered by us at True Healing Collective.

Here’s why…

1.) It’s free- We don’t charge a delivery fee. We do have minimum order requirements based on your distance from downtown Oakland but they are reasonable and competitive

2.) It’s convenient- The Bay Area has some of the worst traffic and parking in the nation. With delivery, we take care of the commute by bringing quality product right to your door

3. ) It’s great for parents- Having children means less time on your hands. Parents are some of our most loyal customers. For some parents, it is impossible to go into a retailer because unlike a grocery store or bank, you can’t bring your children inside a dispensary. Parents are dependent on True Healing Collective to deliver cannabis to them

4.) It’s accessible for patients- While cannabis is legal for adult use, we haven’t forgotten our medical roots. Our medical patients are at the heart of our mission. Many patients are not physically well enough to go to a walk-in retailer. Delivery services are their literal lifeline to cannabis medicine. We have patients we have been serving since we opened in 2010. They rely on us for quick and reliable service and top shelf products

5.) You can always return a product you are not satisfied with- A common criticism of cannabis delivery is that customers feel they can’t refuse the product they are delivered. That may be true for other delivery services but not at True Healing Collective. When your driver arrives, feel free to inspect the product. If you aren’t happy with what you receive we’ll take it back and deliver something else. Your satisfaction is our top priority

6.) You can see the products on our website- We keep our website up to date and take high quality photos of our flower.  Customers are able to get a really good idea of what our product looks like from our pictures. Our staff is also well trained and can answer any questions you have

7.) Sometimes, you just don’t want to leave the house- We get it, it’s nice to have things brought right to your door!


"Are you a medical cannabis patient living in the Bay Area?"

Get your cannabis in as little as 30 minutes through our patient delivery service-- True Healing Collective. Sign up is quick & easy! Our friendly & knowledgeable staff is here to help.

New patients recieve a complimentary gift &:

  •  5% off your first order

  • 10% off your second, &

  • 15% off your third




Sign up & Receive $20.00 credit
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