Take Your Cannabis Education Higher

Interest in all things cannabis is at an all-time high. The stigma associated with cannabis and people who consume cannabis is slowly but surely deteriorating as more people become aware of the healing powers of cannabis and the racist history of cannabis prohibition.

As more and more states begin to decriminalize, legalize and regulate cannabis, a new market is blooming. People want to open cannabis businesses and want to do so with full understanding of the plant, how to grow it, how to use it, and how to sell it within the legal parameters of the law. There are those, too, who aren’t interested in the business aspect but who want to deepen their own understanding of the plant as a medicine for their personal use or for their loved ones. In response to this interest, many colleges and universities across the country have added cannabis related classes to their programs. These are major universities too, Vanderbilt, Ohio State, Oregon State and Harvard, just to name a few.

What’s even more exciting is that there are now certified colleges and universities that are dedicated exclusively to cannabis education.  These classes can be taken online or in person in a classroom and can be found all over the nation.

If you live locally in the Bay Area you are in luck because the first ever cannabis University, Oaksterdam University is located in the heart of Oakland and has been around since 2007. They offer a wide variety of courses and people travel from all over the world to be an Oaksterdam student.

Online colleges include Cannabis Training University, Cloverleaf University and THC University.

While cannabis remains a federally illegal drug, education about cannabis is legal and is proacted by the 1st amendment.

These comprehensive schools teach their students everything they need to know about growing a cannabis plant and growing a cannabis business.

There has never been a better time to want to learn about cannabis. The information available has never been more factual and widely available. Knowledge is power and with widespread cannabis education patients are now empowered to take their healing into their own hands.  

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