The Major and Minor Health Benefits of Cannabis

There are many well known ways cannabis has improved the lives of people all over the world. Below is a list of the most common ways people use cannabis to heal themselves:

Easing Anxiety: Cannabis has been used  for decades to ease anxiety and stress. It helps take the edge off otherwise tense situations and keeps people calm. One forward thinking citizen in Portland, Oregon handed out joints to attendees of a Pro-Trump rally back in June to help keep the crowd mellow.

Alternative to alcohol: Those who are sick of the bar scene or can no longer metabolize alchohol are using cannabis as an alternative to drinking.

Pain Management: What is gaining the most traction though is using cannabis as a form of pain management. Cannabis users are experiencing better success to manage minor and major pain than than those using over the counter and prescription pain medications.

While these common remedies are well known, there are more serious diseases and illnesses cannabis is proving to help heal or lessen the effects of.

Cancer: Chemotherapy is the most common form of cancer treatment in America, however it causes intense pain and nausea. Cancer patients are using cannabis to treat their pain and nausea with incredible success. With the nausea lessened or completely eliminated they are able to eat again and maintain a healthy weight. Click here to listen to a Harvard PHD discuss how his child used cannabis during his cancer treatment. 

Healing brain trauma: For decades, people have associated cannabis use with killing brain cells and making you stupid, however, recent studies are proving the exact opposite. Cannabis is proving to help heal the brain after concussions or strokes. A Harvard professor of psychiatry, Lester Grinspoon, publicly asked NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell,  to stop testing players for cannabis use and even went as far as to ask the NFL to fund research on the effects of cannabis’ ability to heal the brain.

Parkinson's Disease: About a year ago a video went viral of a man with Parkinson’s Disease smoking cannabis. 

His body is contorted and he constantly tremors. After a few puffs of cannabis he is completely relaxed, able to hold a conversatio, his tremors are completely gone.

Chron’s Disease causes inflammation of the bowels that causes pain, vomiting, and diarrhea. In a small but significant study, cannabis helped Chron’s patients with their overall symptoms. It appears that cannabis can help regulate the gut’s overall function and the bacteria in it.

Lupus is an autoimmune disease where the body attacks itself for unknown reasons. Cannabis is now being used to help calm the immune system which is kicked into overdrive by the disease. Just like with cancer, it also helps suffers deal with the pain and nausea associated with the disease.

Alzheimer's Disease: As we discussed in a recent email, studies are showing doctors that cannabis can prevent the build up of amyloid plaque which causes Alzheimer’s, as well as help calm patients who experience agitation as a side effect of the disease.

Cannabis is miraculous in how it can help in both minor and major health issues. Because it is nearly impossible to overdose on cannabis and it is not inherently addictive, though people do become psychologically addicted to it just like shopping, sex or food, it is an incredibly safe alternative to many pharmaceuticals on the market.

We believe we are only scratching the surface of what cannabis can help heal. It can help with everything from back pain to cancer, from anxiety to Alzheimer’s.  We are excited to see how recreational use will help reduce the stigma of cannabis use and incite more people to try this powerful medicine, reclaiming their health and lives.

By Joanna Arenstein


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